Just one sentence

Today I will write one sentence. That is it.  Just one sentence. To create a habit, let's say a habit of writing. You should develop a goal. Sometimes smaller goals make more sense than larger goals.  If I want to write, I will write one sentence.  If I want to exercise, I will start with … Continue reading Just one sentence


The hardest thing to let go

"The hardest thing to let go of is our identity" - Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalist Podcast, Episode 165. When we meet someone for the first time they normally ask, "What do you do?"  This is a common way to open a conversation, and we typically answer with our job title or professional role.   Our … Continue reading The hardest thing to let go

New Year, less stuff

With New Year's day comes resolutions and goals. Sometimes these goals are lofty and unachievable. Such as "I will stop compulsively eating homemade cookies when they are brought to the office".  Whereas others,  if constructed using a SMART goal format and seem enjoyable to the individual, are doable and beneficial.  An example of an achievable … Continue reading New Year, less stuff