McKeown’s Essentialism

It's not about getting more stuff done. It's about getting more of the right things done. It's not about efficiently doing what is on the to-do list. It's realizing that the most important thing isn't even on the to-do list. That's the insight. --Greg McKeown on the Tim Ferriss podcast talking about his book Essentialism. … Continue reading McKeown’s Essentialism


Fog never clears

"the fog never clears but we still brave ahead. our greatest reward is that sometimes we get to meet other explorers" Quote from Jonny Sun on Twitter [@jonnysun], 9:06 PM - 31 Dec 2015 As I mentioned in my earlier post, I love listening to podcasts. My current binge-worthy podcast is The Hilarious World of Depression.  … Continue reading Fog never clears