By Frederic Edwin Church - FgEWDU2Lt9aDKA at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain,

With a belief in the paranormal, there comes along a belief that there is something more than what is observed with our limited senses.  Paranormal studies, especially those that examine Extrasensory Perception (ESP), often rely on this idea that there is an underlying energy force that connects everything, and that our human consciousness acts like … Continue reading Connections



As I continue to explore concepts related to human energy and its presence in paranormal studies, I am finding many people talking about synchronicities. Synchronicities are events that happen around us, that move beyond coincidences, and imply that events in our world are actually influenced by energies outside our common reality. Roderick Main wrote in … Continue reading Synchronicity

Heading down the rabbit hole . . .

In my last post I made the argument for paranormal research. My basic thought is that as people contemplate the finite nature of existence, they will naturally shift to wondering about the limits of such a life. Paranormal research provides an opportunity to explore these edges. Now as I stand on the precipice of my … Continue reading Heading down the rabbit hole . . .