Just one sentence

Today I will write one sentence.

That is it.  Just one sentence.

To create a habit, let’s say a habit of writing. You should develop a goal.

Sometimes smaller goals make more sense than larger goals.  If I want to write, I will write one sentence.  If I want to exercise, I will start with 10 push-ups.  If I want to meditate, I will start with 5 minutes.  If I want to start a habit, I will start small and build on that success.

I don’t want to try and build a habit by going big.  If I wanted to workout and decide to run a 10k tomorrow, I would be sore the day after and would not be interested in running again for weeks.  If I want to meditate and thought I would start with 30 minutes a day, I would find my internal roadblocks within a week.  I would sabotage the habit I want to build because my “ask” is too big.

I also want to stop my practice before the joy disappears.  I want to leave myself wanting more. Stop writing for the day while I am still enjoying it.  Make sure my meditation is just long enough for me to benefit, but now too long that I get irritated.  Exercise in a way that enables me to come back tomorrow.

Small changes that leave you feeling joy. That is the way to develop a new habit.

*Inspired by the work of James Clear the author of Atomic Habits

*Photo courtesy of pixabay.com (https://pixabay.com/en/users/stevepb-282134/)


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