The hardest thing to let go

“The hardest thing to let go of is our identity” – Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalist Podcast, Episode 165.

When we meet someone for the first time they normally ask, “What do you do?”  This is a common way to open a conversation, and we typically answer with our job title or professional role.   Our careers often play a large part in our identities.  Our careers help us communicate who we are.

But besides our jobs, our identity is built by the stuff we own. Our clothes, our cars, our keepsakes, and our trinkets add to our identity.  When we start the process of letting go of our stuff, it is really a process of letting go of our identity.  When we give up our things, we are stepping back from the items that constructed our outer existence.  These items built the shell of our identity.

The process of letting go can be scary or liberating. This range of emotions may put us in a place of discomfort. But when we sit with this discomfort, we can identify our true Self. We can locate the person we want to be.  The process of shedding our stuff enables us to find the joy hidden in our true nature.


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