Fog never clears

“the fog never clears but we still brave ahead. our greatest reward is that sometimes we get to meet other explorers”
As I mentioned in my earlier post, I love listening to podcasts. My current binge-worthy podcast is The Hilarious World of Depression.  This podcast is hosted by veteran public radio personality John Moe and features open, honest, and often funny, discussions with comedians that have dealt with depression.  The goal of the podcast is to decrease the stigma around mental illness and provide a platform for people to share their experiences.
John Moe is a skilled interviewer and approaches every situation with a real curiosity about his guests.  He does not judge the individuals.  He asks thoughtful questions and is able to sit with people as they recount some very difficult life experiences.  I also really appreciate the disclaimers and anecdotes that he adds in every now and then.  These comments remind the listener that depression and mental illness are serious situations and that sometimes we don’t do the best job of coping and communicating our needs.
Episode description:

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