Ma of Minimalism

I consume a lot of information in a day.

I read books. I listen to podcasts. I read blogs. I read news feeds.

Last night I started a new book titled, “Minimalism: The Unspeakable Joy of Less” by Tabata Yukio and Dr. Joyce Fung. In this book, the authors discuss the concept of Ma: the space between things.

Ma is that which gives things value; makes them standout and hold meaning such that they don’t overpower each other.


Ma is actually neither space nor time but actually the tension that is in silence and that is in the space that surrounds objects and sounds.

What I find interesting about this concept is that with all the information that I am consuming, I never go deep on any one subject. My mind is chaotic and seems to thrive in the sense of abundance. But then again my mind lacks the pleasure of knowing one subject deeply. Perhaps providing space around some ideas will, in turn, provide the joy of deeper thought. Minimalism is as much about your mind and thoughts as it is about your stuff.

Has anyone else struggled with the over consumption of information? How did you deal with this? What was your strategy?


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