Book Review-Rhone’s “Some Thoughts About Writing”

Recently I had the opportunity to read a couple of books by Patrick Rhone“Enough” and “Some Thoughts About Writing” are short books and I managed to read each one in a day.  I would like to point out that this is not typical behavior for me.  (Both books are available through Amazon or from Rhone’s website.)

Rhone has an interesting writing style that challenges people to contemplate the intersection of minimalism, technology, and social media.  In the book “Some Thoughts on Writing” he asks if one of the barriers to writing in an online environment is that we put up roadblocks based on the perceived need to have a consistent, coordinated, online presence. He counters this argument by explaining if you want to write, then write.  Be yourself.  Write to explore the world you want to explore. Create the internet that you want to create.  Your content needs to get out there.  Rhone further explains:

I do this [write] for the same reasons I always have, to make my soul grow.  Because, when I create it helps me become the best version of me, for me.  And, I put it out into the world so that person I call me can point to it whenever someone else bothers to ask what it is that makes me happy and proud.  I do it so I can reply, “My children, my wife, and that thing right there.”

He wraps up this thought by saying, “Create daily.  Don’t have any other measure of success other than making something you are happy and proud of, right now, and put it out there for the world to see.”  So simple, yet so inspirational.  If I could be bold enough, I would say that he is really talking about letting go of the ego and the inner critic.  Just write to enjoy the process of writing.  I like that.

One final note, I truly enjoy that fact that he often uses his iPhone to write part of his essays.  This concept may be the biggest takeaway from his books.  I have not written anything in a long time because I can’t seem to coordinate myself and my computer. It just doesn’t happen.  But to think I can type and publish content from my phone is a revolutionary idea. Well, maybe not that revolutionary for those who are a bit more connected than I, but his exploration into this practice gives me permission to try.



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