In Search of Happiness

​I have always wondered why, during  a concertated effort on become happier, I become less happy and more irratible.  That was until I heard this theory on a buddhist podcast*.  

When we are working towards happiness we are placing our thoughts and efforts towards a singular goal.  We are creating a sense of attachment to this goal.  Then, as a result of this attachment, we experience suffering because we have created a scarcity mindset behind our current existence.  

This cycle of thinking would therefore play out like this:

I am not happy. I am going to focus on being happy. I can’t find happiness and this makes me think there is never going to be enough happiness (scarcity).  I become fixated on finding happiness (attachment).  I try even harder to gather happiness because I am attached to the end goal.  The result is that I only find frustration. 

Turns out happiness is found in the acceptance of the present and a sense of gratitude in having enough.

*Sorry, I didn’t write down the name of the podcast.

This is a true weblog in the fact that it contains brief journal entries about the things that fascinate me.


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